The quadrant of Ass-kissing

Last Friday My big boss gave me a mini-appriasal. Basically, the content can be illustrated via the following diagram

Basically,  most of the communication between my manager and I follow a 80/20 rule: 80% on the left side and 20% on the right side.The move to the right side seem to a big leap for us, so in the short term (I mean for the next 40 years+)  I believe we will resort to the safety zone called “making random noise”, like :

Me:Thank you

Manager: You are welcome

Me:  “hu, hu, chew!

Manager: Bless you.


About fululu

Number-blind working in IR. Exported to Canada , re-imported back to Asia after a decade and seven failed attempts of getting a driveing license. Known for excessive use of foul languages. Wear dress only. Have a flatmate who dedicated 1/3 of her life in the sports of "extreme hair removal."
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One Response to The quadrant of Ass-kissing

  1. Anonymous Fan Club President says:

    Thanks for the the advice fululu. This will come in most useful in my professional life. Coincidently, my boss also dedicates 1/3 of her life to the extreme sport of hair removal.

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