What’s next for women

If I were an alien trying to learn something about women by watching the TV ad, I would have concluded that our time is allocated as follows :

30%- whitening
40%- fat/blackhead/pores/bodily hair elimination
20%- PMS, menstrual pain and pads
10%- selecting milk powder and discussing baby’s feces

When a friend came to my place and suddenly lifted her arms to show off her clear, laser-ed armpits with unbounded enthusiasm, I knew something is wrong and she is absolutely weird. To have an overview of the current state of affairs, I hereby present the following graph:

In the graph:

(1) our tolerance for armpit hair in women declines through time

(2) our tolerance for men acting like fairies increases with time

(3) Our tolerance for global warming, hate crime and all that crap remains high and unchanged, and we definitely found those issues more bearable than armpit hair and guy fairies.

As one can see, the acceptance of guy fairies is highly associated with the popularity of GLEE, in which most male characters are ready to start tap dance in a heartbeat.

The hatred of armpit hair is highly correlated with the purchase of laser machine by  cosmetic spa,s which found it necessary to shame any armpits that suggest signs of past,current and future hair growth in the area.

Downfall of underarm hair:

1. A trimmed armpit is not good enough, shave it

2. A shaved armpit is not good enough, tweeze it .

3. A tweezed armpit is not good enough, burn it

Isnt it crazy where we are heading to? I mean, I have already sucked up with the gel-nail thingy . Every other week, I feel like a frigid wife doing it with her husband -laying there, emotionless, and let  him do whatever he needs to do to get  it over with. Only in this case, the time it takes is around 2 hours and conversation with the beautician is mandatory. What’s next? Sewing up all bodily openings and fill them with whatever OPI offers? Spare me!!!!


About fululu

Number-blind working in IR. Exported to Canada , re-imported back to Asia after a decade and seven failed attempts of getting a driveing license. Known for excessive use of foul languages. Wear dress only. Have a flatmate who dedicated 1/3 of her life in the sports of "extreme hair removal."
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