Some choices are just traps

Too many choices is a bad thing.

Say, when I walk into H&M or Zara, I always feel like entering a minefield filling with unimaginable stuffs that are going to disfigure anyone who wears them. Those are the silent bombs that kill millions of women every year, of course, next to the Naraya ‘s bow bag. Popularity of the bag proves that everything pink and has a bow would sell.


Classic Naraya bag

Naraya bag in gold, quietly exuding a sense of menstruation even when it is not in pink

The Naraya phenomenon is confusing. Whenever I spot some chicks carrying one of those bags, I would automatically think

  1. This woman is having her period all year round ;
  2. She carries menstrual pads in her bag all year round ;
  3. She does Cosplay.

Remedy: The bag test 

Next time when you are wondering whether to purchase a bag/clothes/accessories/any fashionable items of certain brand , do this test ( inspired by Axxie ) :

Step 1: Fill in the blanks:

We present: [ brand in question] at [ hip club/lounge]

Step 2: Do you find the above sentence weird?

Since we are in HK, we will use Dragon-I as benchmark to test out the brand Naraya.

We present: Naraya at Dragon-I

Is it weird? Fuckingly so.

We present: Naraya at PLAY

Is it weird? Bloodily so.

We present: Naraya at BEIJING CLUB

Is it weird? It is perfect.

So Naraya  probably stands at the BEIJING level for clubs, which means  the bag is suitable for :

1. Leng mo (aka kiddy models)

2.Cosplay crossdressers

For hair, the “wet -perm” style is a trap designed by your hairstylist to you look like  middle aged housewives frustrated by sweats from her hot flashes. I have never see any good come out of this hairstyle- yet every single girl-friend of mine, at some point in their lives, has been suggested at least once by their stylists to do the small perm, so as to “add more volume” to hair. If you don’t like perm,  they would compromise to suggest  perm at the “underlying layers “ so as to “add more volume” Worse, they usually dye your hair brown too to “add more volume”. What they forgot to tell you is that the price for the whole volumizing fiesta is sanity and self -respect.  So, after spending hours and thousands of dollars on your hair, this is what you get:

Volumized but insane

Head infested by dried curly hays in 80s style. Worse, after spending t long hours doing the hair, many would be urging to offer people around her with this one-million dollar question :

“Does my new perm look nice?”

Hell NO, but we won’t tell you until after you have straightened back your hair.


About fululu

Number-blind working in IR. Exported to Canada , re-imported back to Asia after a decade and seven failed attempts of getting a driveing license. Known for excessive use of foul languages. Wear dress only. Have a flatmate who dedicated 1/3 of her life in the sports of "extreme hair removal."
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